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File #: 71227    Version: 1 Name: Metro Network Redesign Plan
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 5/3/2022 In control: Metro Transit
On agenda: 5/10/2022 Final action: 6/7/2022
Enactment date: 6/14/2022 Enactment #: RES-22-00456
Title: Adopting the Metro Network Redesign Plan
Sponsors: Keith Furman, Grant Foster, Patrick W. Heck, Satya V. Rhodes-Conway, Yannette Figueroa Cole
Attachments: 1. 3_DraftPlan-Maps-Information.pdf, 2. 5_PromotionSummary-Draft Plan-CommunityMeetings.pdf, 3. 4_Outreach-MeetingSummary.pdf, 4. 6_Paratransit-DraftPlanSummary.pdf, 5. 7_Summary-OpenEnded-SurveyResponses.pdf, 6. 8_Summary-EmailsReceived.pdf, 7. 9_DraftPlanWithAmendment3C.pdf, 8. 051922 Ald Gary Halverson email.pdf, 9. SMC Support Letter for Transit Network Redesign.pdf, 10. Summary-EmailsReceived.pdf, 11. Summary-outreach.pdf, 12. survey-peoplewithdisabilities.pdf, 13. TransitNetworkRedesignAmendments-spanish.pdf, 14. TPPB South Madison Unite! Ammendment 4 .pdf, 15. TPPB Mail South Madison Unite!.pdf, 16. Draftnetworkplansurvey-data.pdf, 17. Copy of DraftNetworkPlanSurvey.pdf, 18. Copy of SurveyRawData-EffectsonThosewithDisabilities.pdf, 19. southside-emails.pdf2, 20. emails-amendments.pdf, 21. metroredesign-initialemails.pdf, 22. communityletters-petitions.pdf, 23. other-feedbackreceived-0520-0531.pdf, 24. CMC letter.pdf, 25. CMC Route O Endorsement Letter_signed.pdf, 26. Metro TNR Comment for Public Hearing May 31 2022 M.Leighton.pdf, 27. TPPB Mailbox TNR Comment pdf.pdf, 28. 1-TransitNetworkRedesign-TPPB-20220516.pdf, 29. Testimony for Metro Network Redesign - Susan De Vos.pdf, 30. TPPB Public Registrant Report 5-31-22.pdf, 31. TransitNetworkRedesignPhaseThreePublicOutreachReport.pdf, 32. TransitNetworkRedesignAmendments-spanish.pdf, 33. TransitNetworkRedesignAmendments_RevisedJune3.pdf!.pdf, 34. emails-feedbackreceived-sincepublichearing.pdf, 35. southside-emails2.pdf, 36. SouthMadisonEmail.pdf, 37. Statement on Transit Design from NAACP, SMPC, MABA, South Madison Unite!, Southdale Tenants Assoc..pdf, 38. TransitNetworkRedesign-TPPB-20220606.pdf, 39. redeisgncomments6-6-22.pdf, 40. Please consider a No vote and vote to extend instead.pdf, 41. Metro Redesign.pdf, 42. Copy of AmendmentSummary - grouped.pdf, 43. Draft Plan Network Amendments Map - TPPB Amended.pdf, 44. TransitNetworkRedesign-Council-20220607.pdf, 45. 052722-060722_CC_public_comments.pdf
Fiscal Note
No additional City appropriation is required with the adoption of the Metro Network Redesign Plan. City costs associated with implementing recommendations within the plan will be included in future capital and operating budgets, subject to Common Council approval.
Adopting the Metro Network Redesign Plan

WHEREAS, the current Metro transfer point system forces people living in peripheral areas of the City of Madison to make transfers to get to most destinations in the City; and
WHEREAS, peripheral areas of the City of Madison contain higher proportions of people of color that the City as a whole; and
WHEREAS, previous ridership surveys have confirmed that people of color have substantially longer trips and are forced to transfer at a significantly higher rate; and
WHEREAS, Metro has received extensive complaints about trip durations, required transfers, safety concerns at transfer points, and the complexity of the system being difficult for Metro users; and
WHEREAS, in 2020 Metro selected a consultant to study how a redesigned network could benefit most people in the City of Madison; and
WHEREAS, in 2021, that study, called the “Network Redesign” conducted a public outreach campaign that favored a shift to a network that provided fewer routes, running more often, that no longer used the transfer points but instead traveled all the way across the City; and
WHEREAS, in 2021 the Transportation and Policy Board directed staff to prepare a Draft Network Plan that followed that guidance; and
WHEREAS, from January to April 2022, Metro staff shared a draft network plan and attended over 50 public meetings and collected over 3,000 public comments on the draft plan; and
WHEREAS, Metro staff have prepared amendments to the draft plan in order to address many of the public comments; and
WHEREAS, upon adoption of this plan and amendments, Metro staff will prepare final details such as start and stop times, bus stop locations, Title VI analysis, imp...

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