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File #: 46218    Version: 1 Name: Adopting the Downtown Madison Bicycle & Moped Parking Study.
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 2/20/2017 In control: PEDESTRIAN/BICYCLE/MOTOR VEHICLE COMMISSION (ended 6/2018)
On agenda: 9/5/2017 Final action: 9/5/2017
Enactment date: 9/8/2017 Enactment #: RES-17-00738
Title: Adopting the Downtown Madison Bicycle & Moped Parking Study.
Sponsors: Michael E. Verveer, Ledell Zellers
Attachments: 1. DowntownBikeMopedParkingStudyDRAFT20170214.pdf, 2. AppendCRecBikeRackLocateMaps.pdf, 3. Memo to TPC Bicycle-Moped Parking Study - TPC 04.12.17.pdf, 4. Downtown Bicycle-Parking Study Summary - TPC 04.12.17.pdf, 5. Downtown Bicycle Moped Parking Memo_05-17-2017.pdf, 6. Staff_Add_Memo_052217.pdf, 7. Request_Referral_052217.pdf, 8. Item F.1. Registrants 7.27.17.pdf

Fiscal Note

There is no fiscal impact associated with the adoption of the Study. Implementing specific recommendations within the Study will require the inclusion of expenditures in future capital and operating budgets, subject to Common Council approval at that time.



Adopting the Downtown Madison Bicycle & Moped Parking Study.



WHEREAS the City of Madison issued and RFP and hired a consultant, Toole Design Group, to conduct a study of bicycle and moped parking in the downtown area including quantifying existing public and private bicycle and moped parking supply, identify areas where bicycle and moped parking demand exceeds supply and identify responses to correct deficiencies including providing increased public and private parking; and


Whereas The study area focus was centered on the Capitol Square, extending approximately two blocks in each direction around the square, extending down State Street to the Library Mall and on Wilson St down to Blair and John Nolen Drive; and


WHEREAS the consultant was also requested to undertake a review of parking systems management and operations and review bicycle and moped parking zoning requirements for sufficiency; and


WHEREAS The consultant was to identify locations for bike and moped parking in coordination with City Staff, State Street Mall concourse operators and business stakeholders.; and


WHEREAS The purpose of the study was to:

                                          Provide a provision and management plan for bicycle and moped parking in downtown Madison;

•                         Identify areas deficient in bicycle and moped parking by time of day, considering typical weekday needs, evening entertainment hours, and weekend special events. Identify both long term and short term bicycle and moped parking needs of downtown residents, employees, as well as shoppers, diners, theater goers and other visitors;

                     Identify pros and cons of potential bicycle and moped parking solutions and solicit and organize feedback from area stakeholders, business interests, the bicycling community, advocacy groups and maintenance agencies;

                     Develop a map of existing bicycle and moped parking facilities, locations where bicycles and mopeds are being parked outside of available facilities, and areas where additional bicycle and moped parking can be provided, including identify any impact to existing sidewalk and street infrastructure, furnishings, or sidewalk cafes and vending sites;

                     Develop an overall bicycle and moped parking siting and implementation plan and determine costs based on study recommendations;

                     Review bicycle and moped parking requirements as part of the zoning code;

                     Recommend potential local ordinance changes to address any identified conflicts between bicycle and moped parking.; and


WHEREAS the consultant has competed the study and submitted a final report to the City;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Common Council hereby adopts the Downtown Madison Bicycle & Moped Parking Study as a policy framework and guide for future investments in bicycle and moped parking in the aforementioned downtown area, and.


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Common Council directs staff of various agencies including, but not limited, to City Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Planning and Parks Mall/Concourse to work together to ensure that the recommended policies, concepts and best practices contained in the Downtown Madison Bicycle & Moped Parking Study are integrated to the extent possible into future downtown projects and that recommendations be listed with a lead agency noted for each along with an indication of who, when and what will be done to accomplish the recommendations and that such list will be provided to the PBMVC and the DCC by August 15, 2017.