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File #: 08712    Version: 1 Name: Truman Olson Army ROTC facility at 1402 South Park Street
Type: Presentation Status: Presentation
File created: 1/4/2008 In control: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
On agenda: Final action: 3/31/2022
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Title: Truman Olson Army Reserve Facility at 1402 South Park Street
Attachments: 1. HAS Exhibit A_Excerpts from Citys Consolidated Plan.pdf, 2. HAS Exhibit B_Community Plan to End Homelessness 4-2006.pdf, 3. HAS Exhibit D_Goodwill NOI.pdf, 4. HAS Exhibit E_Porchlight NOI.pdf, 5. HAS Exhibit F_Truman Olson Staff Review Goodwill 4-18-2008.pdf, 6. HAS Exhibit G_Truman Olson Staff Review Porchlight 4-18-2008.pdf, 7. HAS Exhabit H_Revised Assisted Housing Sites 072308.pdf, 8. HAS Exhibit I_Res Hsg Diversity Policy 12-12-1990.pdf, 9. HAS Exhibit J_Goodwill LBA 8-20.pdf, 10. HAS Exhibit K_Porchlight LBA 8-20.pdf, 11. HAS Exhibit L_WSJ Publication 8-24-07.pdf, 12. HAS Exhibit M_Homeless Provider Mailing 10-5-07.pdf, 13. HAS Exhibit N_Truman Olson Tour Attendance.pdf, 14. HAS Exhibit O_CDA Subcommittee Minutes.pdf, 15. HAS Exhibit P_Community Mtg Info 3-26-2008.pdf, 16. HAS Exhibit Q_Public Hearing 7-10-2008.pdf, 17. HAS Exhibit R_Additional Public Comment.pdf, 18. African American Ethnic Academy NOI, 19. Madison Central Montessori School NOI, 20. 11-30-2007 Mayor Ltr to the CDA_includes attachments, 21. South Madison Neigh Plan Jan 2005, 22. Wingra Market Study June 2005, 23. Res 01363 Wingra Creek Market Study 3-7-2006, 24. Guidebook on Military Base Reuse and Homeless Assistance 7-2006, 25. Memo to CDA re Truman Olson ARC 1-10-08, 26. Res Scattered Site Hsg Fund Guidelines 11-6-1990, 27. BaseRedevelopmentManual3-1-2006, 28. Truman Report Planning 4-4-08, 29. Truman Olson Staff Review AAEA, 30. Truman Olson Staff review Montessori hh, 31. CDA Memo 4-25-08, 32. Truman Olson Timeline 4-25-08, 33. Homeless Assistance Submission 6-23-08.pdf, 34. Homeless Assistance Submission 8-21-08.pdf, 35. Redevelopment Plan 6-23-08.pdf, 36. Redevelopment Plan 7-22-08.pdf, 37. CDA Res 2809 7-10-08.pdf, 38. Truman Olson Comments Rcvd by Ald Kerr.pdf, 39. Link Reso File 11307, 40. Link CDA File 11151, 41. CDA Truman Olson Financial Summary 8-21-08.pdf
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Truman Olson Army Reserve Facility at 1402 South Park Street