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File #: 75570    Version: 1 Name: Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District.
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 1/11/2023 In control: Engineering Division
On agenda: 2/7/2023 Final action: 2/7/2023
Enactment date: 2/10/2023 Enactment #: RES-23-00078
Title: Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District. (2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 14th)
Attachments: 1. Schedule of Assessments.pdf, 2. Street List 2023.pdf, 3. Jan0623 Mailing Affidavit.pdf, 4. 2023 resurf.pdf, 5. bpw presentation summary 2023.pdf, 6. Resurfacing 2023--Beltline Frontage Rd Pavement Marking Plan.pdf, 7. Resurfacing 2023--East Washington Ave Pavement Marking Plan.pdf, 8. 75570 cc adopted.pdf

Fiscal Note

The proposed resolution approves plans, specifications, and a schedule of assessments for Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District at an estimated cost of $2,034,894. The total includes $48,919 in assessments. The City cost is $1,985,975. Funding is available in the Engineer project for pavement management and in the Sewer and Water operating budgets. No additional appropriation is required.


Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District. (2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 14th)


The Board of Public Works and the City Engineer having made reports of all proceedings in relation to the improvement of Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District pursuant to a resolution of the Common Council, Resolution No. RES-22-00780, ID No. 74434, adopted 11/28/2022, which resolution was adopted thereto, and the provisions of the Madison General Ordinances and the Wisconsin Statutes in such case made and provided, and the Common Council being fully advised.



1.                     That the City at large is justly chargeable with and shall pay the sum of $1,985,975 of the entire cost of said improvement. 

2.                     That for those eligible property owners requesting construction of a rain garden in the public right-of-way adjacent to their property shall execute the necessary waiver of special assessments on forms provided by the City Engineer;

3.                     That the sum assigned to each separate parcel, as indicated on the attached schedule of assessment, is hereby specially assessed upon each such parcel. 

4.                     That the Common Council determines such special assessments to be reasonable. 

5.                     That the work or improvement be carried out in accordance with the reports as finally approved.

6.                     That such work or improvement represents an exercise of the police power of the City of Madison.

7.                     That the plans & specifications and schedule of assessments in the Report of the Board of Public Works and the Report of the City Engineer for the above named improvement be and are hereby approved.

8.                     That the Board of Public Works be and is hereby authorized to advertise for and receive bids for the said improvements.

9.                     That the due date by which all such special assessments shall be paid in full is October 31st of the year in which it is billed, or,

10.                     That such special assessments shall be collected in eight (8) equal installments, with interest thereon at 4.0 percent per annum, except those special assessments paid in full on or before October 31st of that year.

11.  That the Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized to accept dedication of lands and/or easements from the Developer/Owner for public improvements located outside of existing public fee title or easement right-of-ways.





Notice is hereby given that a contract has been (or is about to be) let for Resurfacing 2023 - Assessment District and that the amount of the special assessment therefore has been determined as to each parcel of real estate affected thereby and a statement of the same is on file with the City Clerk; it is proposed to collect the same in eight (8) installments, as provided for by Section 66.0715 of the Wisconsin Statutes, with interest thereon at 4.0 percent per annum; that all assessments will be collected in installments as above provided except such assessments on property where the owner of the same has paid the assessment to the City Treasurer on or before the next succeeding November 1st. 




"Pursuant to Sec.4.09(14), Madison General Ordinances, as authorized by Sec. 66.0701(2), Wisconsin Statutes, any person against whose land a special assessment has been levied by this resolution has the right to appeal therefrom in the manner prescribed in Sec. 66.0703(12), Wisconsin Statutes, within forty (40) days of the day of the final determination of the Common Council, said date being the date of adoption of this resolution."