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File #: 70884    Version: 1 Name: Special Vending approvals for 2022 Special Events
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 4/11/2022 In control: STREET USE STAFF COMMISSION
On agenda: 5/10/2022 Final action: 5/10/2022
Enactment date: 5/13/2022 Enactment #: RES-22-00362
Title: Granting Special Vending Approvals under MGO 9.13(6)(k) for 2022 Special Events as detailed on the accompanying special event resolution table.
Sponsors: Michael E. Verveer
Attachments: 1. 2022 Special Event Resolution - table.pdf, 2. 2022 Special Event Resolution - table updated 4.28.22.pdf

Fiscal Note

The proposed resolution authorizes Special Vending Approvals for 2021 special events. Specifically, this resolution authorizes temporary invalidation of vending licenses for licensees assigned to sites located within the special event perimeter for the duration of the special event; authorization of event sponsors to select vendors for the event and requiring that event sponsors obtain a Special Event Vending License; and suspension of rules regarding handcrafted goods and personally prepared food for the 19 events included in the attachment.


Under MGO 9.13(2)(c), Special Event Vending Licenses are issued for event vendors in the name of the event sponsor. Approval of this resolution will result in $8,000 in City revenue from Special Event Vending Licenses. Six event sponsors do not sell food or goods and, therefore, are not required to purchase a license. Other actions authorized in this resolution do not result in a fiscal impact.


In general, vendors pay an annual fee for their licenses which come with the caveat that their license may be invalidated up to 10 times per year. The invalidation of licenses due to the special events does not impact revenue.


Number of Vendors


# Licenses


1-25 vendors




26-100 vendors




101-300 vendors




301 or more vendors




Total Revenue






Granting Special Vending Approvals under MGO 9.13(6)(k) for 2022 Special Events as detailed on the accompanying special event resolution table. 


WHEREAS, Section 9.13(6) of the Madison General Ordinances (“MGO”)  and the regulations adopted therein control street vending on the State Street Mall/Capitol Concourse licenses and T, E, and M permits issued under MGO 9.54 within the perimeter of a special event for up to ten times per year in any one location; and


WHEREAS, Section 9.13(6)(k)1.b, MGO authorizes the Common Council to allow the sponsor of a special event to select alternate vendors, salespersons, and vending sites within the perimeter and for the duration of a special event; and


WHEREAS, Section 9.13(6)(k)1.c., MGO allows the Common Council to suspend specifically enumerated vending ordinances and regulations and establish alternate rules during special events; and


WHEREAS, some or all of the sponsors of the events shown in the attached table request suspension of MGO Sec. 9.13(6)(b) regarding handcrafted, homemade goods and personally prepared foods; and


WHEREAS, some or all of the event sponsors wish to select additional vendors, salespersons and vending sites to sell products during the special events; and


WHEREAS, some event sponsors request invalidation of vending licenses and permits issued under sec. 9.54, MGO within the perimeter of their event, and agree to comply with the procedures set forth in sec. 9.13(6)(k)1.c. to provide written notice of proposed rules, regulations, fees, and areas affected and not less than one (1) week notice of the Common Council meeting when this Resolution will be considered for adoption  to the Street Vending Coordinator, all vendors and MGO 9.54 licensees within the perimeter of the event; and


WHEREAS, each event will only take place if the sponsor has obtained a Street Use Permit for the setup and conduct of the events which may include conditions regarding location of vendors, vending equipment, and use of electricity;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Common Council finds that the special vending approvals requested in the attached table are necessary to maintain the integrity, comprehensiveness and success of each of the events; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Common Council finds that special conditions exist that warrant the exclusive vending rights for those events that have requested invalidation of other licenses;  and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the special vending approvals as requested for each of the events as shown in the attached table; including invalidation of vending licenses (if requested), selection of vendors, and suspension of the rules that require handcrafted goods and personally prepared food are APPROVED; and for those events requesting suspension of rules, the Common Council establishes alternate rules for vending as detailed on the accompanying special event resolution table; and


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the approvals granted herein are subject to the event sponsor obtaining a Street Use Permit and any required Special Event Vending License for the event.