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File #: 39444    Version: 1 Name: Waiving privilege in street fees for bus shelters
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 7/27/2015 In control: BOARD OF ESTIMATES (ended 4/2017)
On agenda: 9/1/2015 Final action: 9/1/2015
Enactment date: 9/12/2015 Enactment #: ORD-15-00087
Title: Creating Sec. 10.31(3)(f)5. of the Madison General Ordinances to waive any privilege in street fees for bus shelters.
Sponsors: Chris Schmidt, David Ahrens, Rebecca Kemble

Fiscal Note

Under the City’s current fee structure there are no existing facilities subject to a privilege fee.


Creating Sec. 10.31(3)(f)5. of the Madison General Ordinances to waive any privilege in street fees for bus shelters.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This ordinance exempts privately owned and maintained bus shelters from the privilege in street application and annual fees, treating them administratively the same as neighborhood signs, bicycle racks, decorative pavement painting designs, and little free libraries.  It also would allow such private bus shelters to display non-commercial messages, including Madison Metro signage.  By waiving these fees, private or other public entities may be more willing to erect and maintain bus shelters for Metro passengers, providing an amenity for Metro passengers.  The resulting encroachment agreement would then cover the conditions relating to the placement, operation, maintenance and removal of the shelter-significantly streamlining that process.  In addition to following the usual privilege in street approval process, approval of these shelters would be specifically subject to the approval of Metro Transit and Traffic Engineering.


The Common Council of the City of Madison do hereby ordain as follows:

Paragraph 5. entitled “Bus Shelters” of Subdivision (f) of Subsection (3) of Section 10.31 entitled “Privileges in Streets” of the Madison General Ordinances is created to read as follows:

“5.                     Bus Shelters.

a.                     For the purposes of this paragraph, “Bus Shelters” means a privately owned and maintained shelter, approved by Metro Transit and Traffic Engineering, adjacent to a bus stop and intended to provide temporary shelter for bus passengers.

b.                     A bus shelter shall be considered a “Madison Transit Utility bus shelter” for the purposes of Secs. 3.14(4)(i) and 31.03(2), but only for non-commercial messages.”