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File #: 34675    Version: 1 Name: Finance Department
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 7/1/2014 In control: BOARD OF ESTIMATES (ended 4/2017)
On agenda: 7/1/2014 Final action: 7/15/2014
Enactment date: 7/24/2014 Enactment #: ORD-14-00128
Title: Amending Section 4.01 of the Madison General Ordinances to correct titles and descriptions of services in the Finance Department.
Sponsors: Michael E. Verveer
Fiscal Note
No appropriation is required.
Amending Section 4.01 of the Madison General Ordinances to correct titles and descriptions of services in the Finance Department.
DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance makes technical corrections in the description of the Finance Department.
The Common Council of the City of Madison do hereby ordain as follows:
      Section 4.01 entitled "Finance Director" of the Madison General Ordinances is amended to read as follows:
(1)      PositionFinance Department Established. The office of Finance Department is hereby established as a department of the City's structure.
(2)      Finance Director. The office shall be managed and directed by the Finance Director who shall perform the duties of Comptroller as provided in Wis. Stat. ยง 62.09(10) and other duties as provided in these ordinances. The position of Finance Director as it becomes vacant shall be filled according to Sec. 3.54(6)(f) of these ordinances. The Finance Director shall, upon being appointed, take an oath of office to perform faithfully and impartially the duties of his/her office and shall execute a fidelity bond to the City of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), to be approved by the Mayor, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of his/her office.
(3)      Functions. The Finance Director shall see to the proper operation of the Accounting DivisionServices, including Central Payroll and the Purchasing Division, the Clerical Pool Administrative Support, including the Administrative Services Team and Document Services, the Risk Management Division, and the Budget System, and Audit Document Services.
(4)      Accountability.  The Finance Director shall report to the Board of Estimates and the Common Council on the financial status and policies of the City and to the Mayor on day-to-day operations and administrative matters.
(5)      Duties of the Finance Director.
(a)      The Finance Director shall have custody and control of all financial books and records of the City except as otherwise expressly provided, and shall keep suitable books of accounts and records in which shall be entered all financial transactions of the City.
(b)      All accounts, demands, or claims presented to the City for payment shall be upon forms prescribed by the Finance Director and furnished by the City, and no account, demand or claim shall be received by the City or any of its officers unless the same shall be made out upon such form.
(c)      It shall be the duty of each head of departments, divisions, offices, boards, or commissions to file with the Finance Director a notice of any contract or agreement entered into on behalf of the City, of the sale of any supplies, articles, or materials, for any service performed or the levy of any special assessment. They shall file with the Finance Director a notice giving the date of commencement and completion of any work or improvement whether done under contract or otherwise. It shall be the duty of the Finance Director to cause the same to be entered and made a matter of record.
(d)      All resolutions, agreements, and contracts requiring the expenditure of money, before being presented to the Mayor for her/his approval, shall be submitted to the Finance Director who shall endorse thereon a statement showing the availability of funds or otherwise, as the case may be.
(e)      The Finance Director shall direct all accounting, statistical, auditing, and other activities relating to the management of the City's fiscal affairs; shall contribute to City of Madison fiscal planning and control goals by providing financial statements, analytical reports, cost studies, performance standards, budgetary controls, and related management information to ascertain, help maintain, and continually improve the City's financial position; and shall meet monthly with the Board of Estimates to report on and discuss the financial affairs of the City.
(f)      The Finance Director shall develop and recommend a budget program that includes both long-range capital budgeting and the annual operating ofand capital budgets under the direction of the Mayor, Board of Estimates, and Common Council.
(g)      The Finance Director shall plan, develop and recommend procedures and practices to be observed in the issuance of bonds and promissory notes. He/she shall see to the preparation of required borrowing documents and shall decide the timing of the borrowing. He/she shall review borrowing priorities with the Mayor.
(h)      The Finance Director shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Mayor or Common Council.
(6)      Responsibilities of the Finance Director.
(a)      The Finance Director shall keep abreast of current economic, financial, and municipal finance trends and interpret such information and developments as a guide to current and long-range planning with respect to her or his activities.
(b)      The Finance Director shall review and analyze the operations of other municipalities, as pertains to his/her objectives, and make appropriate applications or recommendations resulting therefrom.
(c)      The Finance Director shall review and analyze the operations of local, special district, county, state, and federal taxing agencies and aid programs as they may pertain to the financial affairs of the City and shall submit recommendations relating thereto.
(d)      The Finance Director shall prepare or review all program applications for participation in county, state, and federal programs and necessary subsequent reports relating thereto.
(e)      The Finance Director shall plan, develop, and recommend insurance programs for the adequate protection of the City's properties and funds and with reference to exposure to liabilities on the part of the City as they may arise in the light of all foreseeable contingencies.
(f)      The Finance Director shall see to it that all employees under her or his supervision are thoroughly trained in the responsibilities of their respective positions.
(g)      The Finance Director shall coordinate with the Planning and Community and Economic Development Director and the agency directors on the Public Works Directors Team in the analysis of the physical development effects of all capital budget requests or projections. He/she shall receive recommendations and reports from the City Plan Commission and the Board of Public Works relating to this responsibility.
(h)      The Finance Director shall maintain frequent contacts with the heads of other departments, divisions, offices, and semi-autonomous City agencies on mutual problems, interchanges of information, interdepartmental matters, accounting services, procedures, and budget problems matters and issues."