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File #: 14165    Version: 1 Name: Parking Meter Rates
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 3/24/2009 In control: TRANSIT AND PARKING COMMISSION (ended 06/2018)
On agenda: 4/21/2009 Final action: 4/21/2009
Enactment date: 5/8/2009 Enactment #: ORD-09-00073
Title: Amending Secs. 12.142(3) and 12.145(1)(d) of the Madison General Ordinances to increase on-street parking meter rates and rates for meter hoods.
Sponsors: Jed Sanborn
Fiscal Note
The Parking Utility estimates that the rate changes will yield increased parking revenues (to be utilized by the Utility for capital improvements) of $679,000 in 2009 and $1,358,000 in 2010 (the first full year of implementation).  The revenues for 2009 are included in the Parking Utility 2009 adopted operating budget.  
Amending Secs. 12.142(3) and 12.145(1)(d) of the Madison General Ordinances to increase on-street parking meter rates and rates for meter hoods.
DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This amendment increases on-street parking meter rates from 50¢ to 75¢ per hour and from $1.25 to $1.50 per hour. The rate for the parking meter zone established by Sec. 12.151 shall be increased from 50¢ to $1.00 per hour.  Sec. 12.145(3) is being amended to include two additional subsections, which establish the hourly rate for on-street multi-space parking meter of $1.70 and on-street motorcycle parking meter of 75¢ cents.
Additionally, the rates for meter hoods will be increased from $13 to $15 per day.  The rate for a half-day shall be increased from $7 to $8.  Sec. 12.142 is being amended to include the language of "stall marker" in various locations to provide the proper language for multi-space meters.  Sec. 12.142(3)(d) is being created to establish a $50 fee for the covering and uncovering of signs used to designate stalls for vehicles used by a person with physical disabilities as provided in Sec. 12.142(1)(c). Section 12.145(3)(f) is amended to require a minimum of one dollar payment for using other methods of payment other than cash.  These amendments have been recommended by the Transit and Parking Commission and shall be effective June 1, 2009.
The Common Council of the City of Madison do hereby ordain as follows:
1.      Section 12.142 entitled "Temporary Restricted Parking - On-Street Meters" of the Madison General Ordinances is amended to read as follows:
"(1)      Purpose. The purpose of this ordinance is to establish a procedure for the City Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager to create "Temporary Restricted Parking Areas" within on-street metered parking areas.  When used in this Section, the title "Traffic Engineer" means the "City Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager or designee."  Under this procedure, operators are permitted to cover certain on-street parking meters or stall markers with Temporary Restricted Parking Hoods, or to designate Temporary Restricted Parking areas for multi-space metered zones for the following purposes:
(a)       to provide temporary parking for contractors or other vehicle operators to load and unload equipment and supplies necessary to and in the vicinity of their work, while actively engaged in performing construction or repair work in the immediate vicinity of the restricted parking area, where the vehicle is necessary for loading, unloading or storing tools or supplies used in servicing buildings in the vicinity, and where the vehicle is not owned or operated by the owner of the premises or an employee of a business operated on the premises adjacent to the parking area. For purposes of this section, "equipment and supplies necessary" means that the operator is using the vehicle for storage of materials or tools needed on the job or as a work space necessary to the job, such as, to hold vices, air compressor, self-contained cleaning equipment, etc.
(b)      to provide temporary parking for a Large Motor Truck, as defined in Sec. 12.915, a Motor Bus as defined in Wis. Stats. Sec. 340.01(31) (2003-2004,) or a School bus as defined in Wis. Stats. 340.01(56) (2003-2004), for loading and unloading of passengers, freight, or other equipment and for temporary parking, when in the opinion of the Traffic Engineer, there is no reasonable alternative for on-street parking in the vicinity of the vehicle's destination that will accommodate the size of the vehicle.
(c)      to create a temporary parking space for motor vehicles used by a person with a physical disability at an on-street metered parking stall,  when a permanent parking space reserved for motor vehicles used by a person with a physical disability has been temporarily removed for construction or other reasons.  The person, firm, or event sponsor responsible for the removal of the permanent parking space, shall apply for and pay the fee for the meter hood or Temporary Restricted Parking area to create the temporary relocated parking space, at the rates herein.  
(d)      to provide temporary parking for election workers adjacent to polling places on election days (no fee shall be required.)
(2)      The Traffic Engineer is authorized to establish Temporary Restricted Parking Areas at metered stalls or multi-space metered zones on streets in the City of Madison.
A "Temporary restricted parking area" is defined as an area on a street in the City of Madison designated for meter parking which is restricted by the Traffic Engineer to for the use of vehicles meeting the purposes listed in sub. (1) and which has been so designated by placing a meter hood, meter bag or other official device to notify vehicle operators of the restriction.
(3)      Application and Fees:
(a)       Application for a temporary restricted parking area shall made to the Traffic Engineer, by the person or firm requesting the restricted parking area.. The application shall be in writing and on a form designated by the Traffic Engineer.  At a minimum, the application form shall require the applicant to demonstrate a need for a temporary restricted area consistent with the purposes stated in sub. (1), and shall include any other information required by the Traffic Engineer.  If meter or stall hoods are requested for a period of six (6) months or more the fees shall be prepaid.
(b)       Fees for Parking Meters Controlling a Single Space.  Meter hoods shall be issued for a full day or half-day.  The fee for a full-day meter shall be thirteenfifteen dollars ($13.0015.00) plus a one-dollar hood rental fee, and the fee for a half-day meter shall be seveneight dollars ($7.008.00) plus a one-dollar hood rental fee.  The fee for streets with peak hour parking restrictions will be adjusted by the Traffic Engineer. The replacement fee for lost or stolen hoods shall be one dollar ($1.00) per hood.  Election-day meter hoods under sub. (1)(d) shall be exempt from any fees.  
(c)      Fees for Multi-Space Metered Zones.  Zones consisting of parallel parking areas, for every twenty-two (22) lineal feet as measured at the curb, shall be equivalent to one (1) parking stall.  Each parking stall measured in this manner shall have a fee of thirteenfifteen dollars ($13.0015.00) for a full day and the fee for a half day shall be seveneight dollars ($7.008.00).  Zones consisting of diagonal parking stalls shall have a fee of thirteenfifteen dollars ($13.0015.00) for a full day and the fee for a half day shall be seveneight dollars ($7.008.00) per stall.  Temporary restricted parking signs as required by the Parking Utility will have a fee of one dollar ($1.00) per sign.
(d)       Fees For Covering /Uncovering Signs For Parking Spaces Reserved For Motor Vehicles Used By a Person With Physical Disability.  As described in Sec. 12.142(1)(c), the fee shall be fifty dollars ($50) per occurrence or event.
(e)      This ordinance shall become effective June 1, 2009.
(4)      If the Traffic Engineer establishes a Temporary Restricted Parking Area he/she will issue the number of parking meter hoods or stall marker hoods to the applicant which corresponds to the number of parking stalls to be included in the restricted parking area. The Traffic Engineer may limit the number of hoods to be issued in any one area.  No person may park a vehicle in a Temporary Restricted Parking Area unless an application for the temporary restricted area has been approved by the Traffic Engineer, and only vehicles associated with the applicant may park in the Temporary Restricted Parking Area.
(5)      Procedure for Meter or Stall Marker Bags/Hoods.  Hoods shall be clearly marked with the applicable parking restrictions, dates and times.  The applicant shall place and remove the hoods and/or signs from the parking meter or stall marker. The hood and/or signs shall be placed on the meter or stall marker no later than the beginning of the last full cycle of the posted time limit of the meter in question, prior to the start of the restricted parking.
No parking meter may be restricted during any hour when parking is not permitted. Loading Zones between 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. are also ineligible for restricted parking during the Loading Zone hours.  Each hood and/or sign shall be removed at the end of its effective period.  
(6)      Hoods and signs are valid only for the dates, times and locations indicated on the hood and signs at the time of issue. No person may alter or tamper with a parking meter hood or sign, or use a hood or sign with an altered location or expiration date, or place a hood or sign on a meter for which it was not issued.
(7)      Use of a parking meter hood or sign for other than the use specified in the application shall be grounds for revocation of the temporary restricted parking area permit and, in addition, any person or firm who violates any part of this ordinance shall be subject to a forfeiture of not more than two hundred dollars ($200) for each day or fraction thereof during which the violation occurs."
2.      Subsection (3) entitled "Rates" of Section 12.145 entitled "Parking at Parking Meters and Multi-Space Meters; Meter Rates" of the Madison General Ordinances is amended to read as follows:
"(3)      Rates.  The rate of payment for on-street parking meters and multi-space meter zones shall be:
(a)      Parking meter zones established by Sections 12.1495, 12.150, 12.1505, 12.1515, 12.1516, 12.1517 and 12.1518:  fiftyseventy-five cents (5075¢) per hour for the ten-hour meters, and one dollar and twenty-fivefifty cents ($1.25 1.50) per hour for all other meters.  
(b)       Parking meter zones established by Section 12.151: fifty centsone dollar (50$1.00) per hour for all meters.  
(c)      The hourly rate for all on-street multi-space meters shall be one dollar and seventy cents ($1.70.).
(d)      The hourly rate for all on-street metered parking designated for motorcycles shall be seventy-five cents (75¢).
(ce)      The rate for any other on-street parking meter installed under the authority of the City Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager, but not included in the zones listed above shall be either one dollar and twenty-fivefifty cents ($1.25 1.50) per hour, or fiftyseventy-five cents (5075¢) per hour, as determined by the City Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager.  
(df)      On street multi-space meters paid by methods other than cash will have a minimum required payment equal to one dollar ($1) hour of metered time.
      (g)      This ordinance shall become effective June 1, 2009."