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September 2019

Sep, 2019

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY County Alternate
Termed-out: 5/1/2019
1/2/2019     County Executive
VACANCY City Alternate
Termed-out: 5/1/2022
5/2/2019     Mayor/Council Confirms
Glenn R. Krieg County Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2022
4/5/2007 5/1/2022   County Executive
James Ring Governor's Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2020
9/28/2011 5/1/2020   Governor
Jane Richardson City Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2021
5/15/2012 5/1/2021   Mayor/Council Confirms
Judith F. Karofsky County Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2022
7/15/2010 5/1/2022   County Executive
M. Alice O'Connor City Appointee
(90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 5/1/2022
6/15/2010 5/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Mark Clarke County Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2021
12/19/2012 5/1/2021   County Executive
Mark J. Richardson City Appointee
(90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 5/1/2022
6/4/2013 5/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Michael E. Verveer City Appointee
Position does not require an alder.
Termed-out: 5/1/2021
7/19/2011 5/1/2021 Mayor/Council Confirms
Ricardo A. Gonzalez City Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2020
9/6/2011 5/1/2020   Mayor/Council Confirms
Steven Peters County Appointee
Termed-out: 4/21/2020
11/2/2018 4/21/2020   County Executive
Susan Sabatke City Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2020
7/17/2012 5/1/2020   Mayor/Council Confirms
Thomas J. Ziarnik County Appointee
Termed-out: 5/1/2020
7/7/2005 5/1/2020   County Executive
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.21 - The City and Dane County, by an agreement under Sec. 66.0301, Wis. Stats., have created a Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center Board. The board shall have broad authority and latitude to make decisions to operate a successful convention and community center. It shall establish all policies, rules and regulations governing Monona Terrace and oversee its operation, subject to the limitations set forth in the Agreement.