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Apr, 2021

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Community Representative
Termed-out: 10/1/2021
10/29/2020     Mayor/Council Confirms
Arvina Martin Common Council or Resident Member
Term of aldermanic members shall expire with their terms on the Common Council.
Termed-out: 4/20/2021
4/16/2019 4/20/2021 Mayor/Council Confirms
Bridget D. Rogers Community Representative
Three-year term. At least one of the citizen members shall be a member of a minority as defined in Sec. 3.58(8)(a)7 of these ordinances.
Termed-out: 10/1/2022
3/18/2014 10/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Consuelo Lopez Community Representative
Three-year term. The remaining members shall be broadly representative of the community.
Termed-out: 10/1/2023
3/29/2016 10/1/2023     Mayor/Council Confirms
Kim Genich Madison Federation of Labor Representative
Three-year term. One citizen member shall be selected by the Mayor from a panel of three submitted by the Madison Federation of Labor.
Termed-out: 10/1/2022
5/17/2011 10/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
LaShana M. Miller Community Representative (Minority Rep)
Termed-out: 10/1/2022
4/29/2014 10/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Michelle A. Dunphy Community Representative
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 10/1/2021
8/6/2019 10/1/2021   Mayor/Council Confirms
N'dia I. Jones Private Non-Profit Program Representative
Three-year term. One of the citizen members shall be a present or former client or recipient of a private non-profit program.
Termed-out: 10/1/2022
1/19/2021 10/1/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Rebecca K. Murray Early Childhood Care and Education Committee Representative
The Early Childhood Care and Education Committee shall elect one of its members to serve as a member of the Community Service Committee. Term expires with term on the Early Childhood Care and Education Committee.
Termed-out: 9/30/2021
11/12/2020 9/30/2021     Early Childhood Care & Education Committee
Shiva Bidar Common Council Member
Term of aldermanic members shall expire with the expiration of their terms as alders. At least one, and no more than two, members shall be alderpersons.
Termed-out: 4/20/2021
4/21/2015 4/20/2021 Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinances Section 33.16 - a) establish policies to be followed by the Office of Community Services; b) investigate new and innovative methods for delivery of human services; c) recommend policy to the mayor and Common Council in the area of community services; d) make recommendations to the mayor and supervisor of Community Services regarding the budget for community services, and human services purchased by the City from private non-profit agencies; e) stimulate coordinated inter-community and intro-community planning for the delivery of human services; f) seek ways to involve citizens in assessment of human services needs; g) cooperate with the Plan Commission and Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development; h) seek to improve accessibility of human services to citizens who have language and other barriers; i) establish human services priorities and criteria for choices between those services which are provided directly by the City and those which are purchased from other agencies; j) work to improve coordination and follow-up in connecting City residents with available human services; k) coordinate human services activities with other governmental units. (Title of body changed from commission to committee per MGO Sec. 33.16, adopted 3-17-2009, effective 8-1-2009.) Per ORD-17-00066. fIle ID #47010 (effective 6-29-2017): Committee on Aging Alternate Representative position eliminated and appointing authority for the Early Childhood Care and Education Committee Representatives switched from Mayor to Early Childhood Care and Educaiton Committee.