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Madison General Ordinance Sec. 13.01 - The Board shall keep books of account in the manner and form prescribed by the Public Service Commission which shall be open to the public. The Board shall have the management and supervision of the Water Utility and all matters connected therewith, subject to the general control and supervision of the Water Utility Board by the Mayor and Common Council. The Council shall exercise such supervision by enacting ordinances governing the Board's operation, and approving contracts for the Water Utility as it does for other departments. The Board shall have the general power and authority to make rules and regulations for the management of the Utility as it shall, from time to time, find necessary for the safe, economical and efficient management and protection of the Water Utility. The Board shall issue an annual report which shall be made available to the Common Council. APPOINTMENT DATE: April and October MEETS: 4th Tuesday of month; 4:30 PM STAFF: Tom Heikkinen AGENCY: Water Utility LOCATION: 119 E. Olin Ave. PHONE: (608) 266-4651 EMAIL: NON-VOTING MEMBERS: 1 (*) QUORUM: 4