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August 2017

Aug, 2017

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Adult City Resident
Termed-out: 6/30/2019
5/5/2017     Mayor/Council Confirms
Alyssa C. Kenney Adult City Resident
Termed-out: 6/30/2018
11/1/2016 6/30/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Barbara Harrington-McKinney Common Council Member
Only one member of the board shall be a member of the Common Council.
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2015 4/16/2019 Mayor/Council Confirms
Cindy L. Fesemyer Adult City Resident
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2019
11/22/2016 6/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Eve Galanter Adult City Resident
Three-year term
Termed-out: 6/30/2020
7/1/2014 6/30/2020   Mayor/Council Confirms
Jaime A. Healy-Plotkin Adult City Resident
Three-year term
Termed-out: 6/30/2019
9/3/2013 6/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
James T. Igielski Madison Metropolitan School District School Superintendent or Representative
Three-year term
Termed-out: 6/30/2017
7/7/2015 9/30/2017   Mayor/Council Confirms
Megan K. Jackson Adult City Resident
Three-year term
Termed-out: 6/30/2017
9/16/2014 9/30/2017   Mayor/Council Confirms
Philip C. Grupe Adult City Resident
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2018
8/4/2015 6/30/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinance Section 8.12(1) - Controls the expenditure of all monies collected, donated or appropriated for the Library Fund, and the purchase of a site and the erection of a library building; has exclusive charge, control and custody of all lands, buildings, money or other property devised, bequeathed, given or granted to, or otherwise acquired or leased by, the municipality for library purposes.