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May, 2016

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Katherine R. Mitchell Citizen Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 4/17/2018
6/16/2015 4/17/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Patricia J. Gadow Citizen Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 4/18/2017
6/19/2012 4/18/2017   Mayor/Council Confirms
Patrick E. Delmore Water Utility Board Representative
The Board of Public Works, the Board of Health for Madison and Dane County and the Water Utility Board will each designate one member of their respective bodies for appointment by the Mayor to this Committee.
Termed-out: 9/30/2017
1/20/2015 9/30/2017   Mayor/Council Confirms
Timothy D. Baker Citizen Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 4/17/2018
9/4/2012 4/17/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Tyler D. Leeper Citizen Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 4/18/2017
10/7/2014 4/18/2017   Mayor/Council Confirms
Zach Wood Common Council Member
One member shall be an alderperson whose term shall expire with the expiration of his/her term as alderperson.
Termed-out: 4/18/2017
4/21/2015 4/18/2017 Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.11 - Advises the Mayor and Common Council in making studies and recommendations relative to water, land and air quality, noise abatement, use control, safety and management of the lakes, rivers and streams and other bodies of water and their shorelands under the jurisdiction of the City and all drains, outlets and sewers emptying into any such stream or bodies of water; acts toward improved quality of land, air and water; makes recommendations on matters pertaining to environmental quality, including measures to further the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions; protects spawning grounds, fish and aquatic life, and preserves shore cover and natural beauty. (Title of body changed from commission to committee per MGO Sec. 33.11, adopted 3-17-2009, effective 8-1-2009.)