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Mar, 2018

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Youth Member
Termed-out: 4/1/2016
VACANCY Youth Member
Termed-out: 4/1/2015
MSCR Advisory Board Representative
Termed-out: 4/1/2019
Anita M. Palmer  
Termed-out: 4/1/2019
10/18/2016 4/1/2019      
Carrie R. Braxton  
Citizen Representative
Termed-out: 4/1/2018
12/1/2015 4/1/2018    
Janice D. Somerfeld  
NESCO Board of Directors Representative (90 days added per MGO)
Termed-out: 4/21/2018
1/7/2014 4/21/2018    
Larry Palm District 12 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/16/2013 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Nancy T. Ragland  
Park Commission Member
Termed-out: 4/1/2020
2/27/2018 4/1/2020    
Nikki J. Sanders  
Northside Planning Council Representative
10/30/2012 4/1/2019    
Rebecca Kemble District 18 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2015 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Terrence D. Tiedt  
Citizen Representative
12/13/2011 4/30/2020    
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.05(5)(b) - The Warner Park Community Recreation Center is a gathering place which provides innovative growth and enrichment opportunities for the Madison community and connects people of all ages, races and cultural backgrounds. The subcommittee advises the Park Commission regarding operations, policies and procedures, fees and user concerns, and makes program and budget recommendations. (Title of body changed from committee to subcommittee per MGO Sec. 33.05(5)(b), adopted 3-17-2009, effective 8-1-2009.) (Original Authorization: Amended committee by-laws adopted by the Park Commission; approved by the Common Council on 11-7-2006.) 6-27-2013: ord-13-00117, File ID 30379 - Composition amended to add two youth representatives. In addition, terms amended so that non-alder members may not serve for more than two consecutive three-year terms.