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August 2022

Aug, 2022

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Permanent Resident of Downtown Area
Termed-out: 10/19/2023
1/20/2021     Mayor/Council Confirms
VACANCY First Alternate
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 10/19/2021
2/18/2021     Mayor/Council Confirms
VACANCY Downtown Business Community Member
One resident member shall be a representative of the downtown business community. Three-year term.
Termed-out: 10/19/2023
12/4/2021     Mayor/Council Confirms
Adam J. Plotkin Resident Member
Termed-out: 10/19/2024
5/3/2016 10/19/2024   Mayor/Council Confirms
Barbara Harrington-McKinney Common Council or Resident Member
Termed-out: 4/18/2023
11/5/2019 4/18/2023 Mayor/Council Confirms
Davy Mayer Resident Member
Three-year term (90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 10/19/2022
10/2/2018 10/19/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Michael E. Verveer Common Council Member
Membership shall include two (2) or three (3) alderpersons. Two-year term.
Termed-out: 4/18/2023
9/5/2000 4/18/2023 Mayor/Council Confirms
Patrick W. Heck Common Council Member
Membership shall include two (2) or three (3) alderpersons. Two-year term.
Termed-out: 4/18/2023
4/16/2019 4/18/2023 Mayor/Council Confirms
Sandra J. Torkildson Resident Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 10/19/2022
11/19/2013 10/19/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Ted Crabb Resident Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 10/19/2023
6/12/2012 10/19/2023   Mayor/Council Confirms
5-29-2013 ORD-13-00092, file id# 29913 - mission amended and committee size altered. Madison General Ordinance Section 8.41 - provide a forum for public information and stewardship regarding the uses of public space in the Downtown Area, and to periodically review regulations and policies affecting the Downtown Area, with particular emphasis on State Street and the Capitol Square, as a high-quality urban space for pedestrians in an environment that promotes healthy businesses. For purposes of this ordinance, the "Downtown Area" shall be defined as all geographical areas within the jurisdiction of the City of Madison between Blair Street, Lake Mendota, North Park Street, Regent Street, Proudfit Street, North Shore Drive, and Lake Monona. This geographical definition of the Downtown Area shall be for the sole purpose of guiding the issues to be considered by the Downtown Coordinating Committee under this ordinance.