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Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
James F. Oeth Plan Commission Member
Term expires with term on the Plan Commission.
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
6/20/2017 4/30/2019     Mayor/Council Confirms
Ken Golden Transit & Parking Commission Chair or Designee
Term expires with term on the Transit & Parking Commission. (90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
7/16/2013 4/30/2019     Mayor/Council Confirms
Kenneth G. Johnson Board of Public Works Representative
Term expires with term on the Board of Public Works.
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
6/21/2016 4/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Margaret Bergamini Transit and Parking Commission Member
Term expires with term on the Transit and Parking Commission.
Termed-out: 4/30/2020
11/21/2017 4/30/2020   Mayor/Council Confirms
Mark N. Shahan Alternate Member
Two-year term.
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
6/15/2009 4/16/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Paul E. Skidmore Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission Member
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
8/1/2017 4/16/2019 Mayor/Council Confirms
Steve King  
Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (MPO) City Representative
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
7/11/2017 4/30/2019 Mayor/Council Confirms
Susan M. De Vos Standing Committee Member
Must be a member of a standing city committee, board or commission. (90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
7/16/2013 4/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 3.14(7) - Address transportation planning issues amd special initiatives involving the integration of the subjects of mutual concern to the Transit and Parking Commission, Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission, Plan Commission and Board of Public Works. Develop and recommend to said boards and commissions policies on various elements of long-range transp. planning for all modes, incl., but not limited to, transit, parking, pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicles, as well as special initiatives involving integration of various subjects under the jurisdiction of aforementioned bodies, for the purpose of providing for safe, efficient and economical movement of persons/goods in the city of Madison and the metropolitan area consistent with the comm. mission to support the city's distinct and quality neighborhoods where people will want to live, work, do business, learn and play by providing comfortable, safe and efficient transportation. (Original Authorization: Madison General Ordinance Sec. 3.51 (7).) (Title of body changed from commission to committee by ORD-09-00052, Pub. 4-2-09, Eff. 8-1-09).