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December 2017

Dec, 2017

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Mayor or Designee
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
State-Langdon Neighborhood Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
State Street Organization Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
8/2/2016     Mayor/Council Confirms
University of Wisconsin-Madison Arts Institute Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
7/29/2016     University of Wisconsin
VACANCY Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission Member
Term ends with term on Pedestrian/Bike/Motor Vehicle Commission.
8/1/2017     Mayor/Council Confirms
VACANCY Transit and Parking Commission Member
Term ends with term on Transit and Parking Commission.
8/1/2017     Mayor/Council Confirms
Emmet J. Gaffney  
UW-ASM Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
10/31/2016   University of Wisconsin
Gary A. Brown  
UW-Facilities Planning and Management
1/3/2012 11/11/2111    
Jason S. Hagenow Plan Commission Member
Term ends with term on Plan Commission.
Termed-out: 4/30/2018
10/17/2017 4/30/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Jason W. King  
UW-Athletics Division Representative
7/17/2012 11/11/2111    
John C. Perkins Greenbush Neighborhood Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
10/29/2013   Mayor/Council Confirms
Larry J. Warman  
Capitol Neighborhoods Representative
10/20/2009 11/11/2111    
Ledell Zellers District 2 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
5/29/2013 4/16/2019   Ex-Officio
Leslie G. Orrantia UW- Chancellor Special Assistant
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
9/5/2016   University of Wisconsin
Mark Guthier  
UW-Wisconsin Union Representative
11/19/2002 11/11/2111      
Mary Berryman Agard  
Brittingham Area Representative
4/16/1996 11/11/2111    
Michael E. Verveer District 4 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
11/19/2002 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Mike Kinderman  
UW-Housing Division Representative
11/19/2002 11/11/2111    
Rob Kennedy  
UW-Transportation Comm
7/20/2004 11/11/2111    
Sara Eskrich District 13 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2015 4/16/2019   Ex-Officio
Zach Wood District 8 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2015 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.32 (2) - Facilitate participation in planning activities affecting the campus community, City of Madison and the surrounding neighborhoods of the southeast campus area east of Park Street; identify community-wide and neighborhood impacts of campus initiated, city-related and private sector development projects in the southeast campus area; discuss and summarize comments on university, city and private development plans, environmental impact/assessment statements, and traffic analysis; summarize city, campus and neighborhood comments that enhance existing commercial, university and residential areas, and street, transit and bicycle/pedestrian systems in the southeast campus area east of Park Street, and; forward appropriate summary JSECAC comments on development projects to the appropriate City of Madison committee (ie Plan Comm, Urban Design Comm, Transit & Parking Comm, Alcohol License Review Com, Downtown Coordinating Com, and Ped/Bike/Motor Vehicle Comm.) (Original Authorization: Res. 61342, ID 35474.)