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URBAN DESIGN COMMISSION 4:30 PM     Export to iCalendar
Some or all of the members of the Urban Design Commission, applicants, or members of the public, may participate in the meeting remotely by teleconference or videoconference.
Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Christian J. Harper Design Professional
Termed-out: 6/30/2021
4/17/2018 6/30/2021   Mayor/Council Confirms
Cliff Goodhart Registered Architect
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2021
7/3/2012 6/30/2021   Mayor/Council Confirms
Craig D. Weisensel Resident Member
Termed-out: 6/30/2022
1/7/2020 6/30/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Jessica Klehr Registered Architect
(90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 6/30/2023
10/16/2018 6/30/2023   Mayor/Council Confirms
Lois H. Braun-Oddo Registered Architect
Three-year term. (90 days added per MGO 33.01)
Termed-out: 6/30/2023
7/19/2016 6/30/2023   Mayor/Council Confirms
Rafeeq D. Asad Design Professional
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2022
7/19/2016 6/30/2022     Mayor/Council Confirms
Russell S. Knudson Alternate Member
Termed-out: 6/30/2021
8/4/2020 6/30/2021     Mayor/Council Confirms
Shane A. Bernau Graduate Landscape Architect
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2022
3/5/2019 6/30/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Syed Abbas Common Council Member
Termed-out: 4/20/2021
4/16/2019 4/20/2021 Mayor/Council Confirms
Thomas A. DeChant Resident Member
Three-year term.
Termed-out: 6/30/2022
2/4/2014 6/30/2022   Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.24 - To assure the highest quality of design for all public and private projects in the city; protect and improve the general appearance of all buildings, structures, landscaping and open areas in the city; encourage the protection of economic values and proper use of properties; encourage and promote a high quality in the design of new buildings, developments, remodeling and additions so as to maintain and improve the established standards of property values within the city; foster civic pride in the beauty and nobler assets of the city and, in all other ways possible, assure a functionally efficient and visually attractive city in the future.