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March 2018

Mar, 2018

Name DetailsStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Greenbush Neighborhood Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
2/14/2017     Mayor/Council Confirms
Arvina Martin District 11 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/18/2017 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Douglas K. Carlson Vilas Neighborhood Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
2/28/2012   Mayor/Council Confirms
Emmet J. Gaffney  
UW-ASM Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
11/13/2017   University of Wisconsin
Felice Borisy-Rudin Shorewood Hills Village Administrator
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
4/24/2017   Shorewood Hills Village Board
Gary A. Brown UW-Faciilities and Planning Representative
UW-Facilities and Planning Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
1/3/2012   University of Wisconsin
John R. Imes Shorewood Hills Village President or Designee
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
12/2/2013   Shorewood Hills Village Board
Julia Billingham Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
6/16/2015   Mayor/Council Confirms
Karl Frantz Shorewood Hills Village Administrator
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
2/1/2005     Shorewood Hills Village Board
Kelly Ignatoski UW-Division of Housing Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
9/6/2011   University of Wisconsin
Leslie G. Orrantia UW- Chancellor Special Assistant
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
9/5/2016   University of Wisconsin
Lisa M. Reese UW-School of Nursing Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
7/22/2015   University of Wisconsin
Liz Douglas UW-Hospitals and Clinics Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
Mark C. Wells UW-School of Medicine Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
3/2/2004   University of Wisconsin
Mary Czynszak-Lyne Regent Neighborhood Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
7/19/2016   Mayor/Council Confirms
Melissa M. Berger Plan Commission Member
Term ends with term on Plan Commission.
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
10/17/2017 4/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Rob Kennedy UW-Transportation Committee
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
9/19/2006   University of Wisconsin
Sara Eskrich District 13 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2015 4/16/2019   Ex-Officio
Sharon Devenish UW-School of Engineering Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
10/23/2014   University of Wisconsin
Shiva Bidar-Sielaff District 5 Alder
District 5 Alder
Termed-out: 4/16/2019
4/21/2009 4/16/2019 Ex-Officio
Stephanie G. Jones Mayoral Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
11/3/2015     Mayor/Council Confirms
Susan M. De Vos Transportation-Related Committee Member
Term ends with term on Transportation-Related Committee
Termed-out: 4/30/2019
12/6/2016 4/30/2019   Mayor/Council Confirms
Ulrike Dieterle Sunset Village Community Association Representative
Sunset Village Community Association Representative
Termed-out: 12/31/9999
2/27/2018   Mayor/Council Confirms
Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.32(1) - Facilitate participation in planning activities affecting the campus community, the City of Madison, the Village of Shorewood Hills and surrounding neighborhoods of the campus area west of Park Street, including Greenbush, Vilas, Dudgeon-Monroe and Regent; identify community-wide and neighborhood impact of campus-initiated, city/village-related and private sector development projects in the west campus area; discuss and summarize comments on university, city/village and private development plans, environmental impact/assessment statements and traffic analysis; summarize city/village, campus and neighborhood comments that enhance existing commercial, university and residential areas and street, transit and bike/pedestrian systems in the west campus area (west of Park Street; forward appropriate summary of JWCAC comments on development projects to the appropriate City committee (ie Plan Comm, Urban Design Com, Transit & Parking Comm, Alcohol License Review Com, Downtown Coordinating Com and Ped/Bike/Motor Vehicle Comm) and to the appropriate Village of Shorewood Hills committee(s). (Original Authorization: Substitute Resolution 59601, ID 31882 & Res 61160, ID 34816.) 5/21/2013: Position 2, District 2 Alder, eliminated per ORD-13-00090, file id #29732.